Fair Work – Australia

Course Description

The Fair Work Act covers a broad range of employment issues, including the minimum terms and conditions of employment, leave, enterprise bargaining and industrial activities, union right of entry, freedom of association and termination of employment.

Salt Fair Work covers key aspects of these laws. It has been produced to provide practical guidance to any one who has responsibility for managing or supervising employees in a workplace. The course teaches employees about their key obligations and provide an ongoing resource to enable them to understand how the requirements of the Fair Work Act will affect the workplace.

The training course uses scenarios set in different types of workplaces to provide employees with practical training in how to deal with potential issues in the workplace.

Who is this training for

Employees who have completed Salt Fair Work will be aware of the changes to workplace relations, understand the implications of the new laws in the workplace and be trained to manage the obligations imposed on employers.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: National employment standards
  • Module 2: Workplace rights: adverse action against employees
  • Module 3: Protection of industrial activities
  • Module 4: Termination of employment
  • Module 5: Right of entry
  • Module 6: Unlawful industrial action