Catharine Lumby (Professor of Media at the University of Sydney, author, journalist and Principal of Catherine Lumby Associates) spoke with with Adrian Phoon (Head of Content at GRC Solutions and former Co-Chair of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras)

Most people want to do the right thing when it comes to respecting their co-workers, but it’s not always easy to know how or where to begin. Managers and staff of all job roles and industries can find it difficult to keep up with inclusive language and work practices that seem to be ever-changing.

Fostering respect and being inclusive involves more than preventing bullying, harassment and discrimination. In the age of Zoom meetings and remote working, the lines have blurred between our professional and private lives in ways that pose unique challenges for inclusiveness, while bringing new opportunities to show our whole selves at work.

This conversation brought together two advocates of diversity and inclusion in a broad-ranging conversation that explored some of the grey areas when it comes to building diverse workforces and promoting inclusive work practices.

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About the presenters

Professor Catharine Lumby is passionate about applying her research: “ideas should not be left to shine on an academic shelf”.  She is an expert on matters including gender equality, sexual violence prevention, young people and media, social media and media content regulation.

Catharine is the Principal of Catharine Lumby Associates which specialises in advising organisations on building inclusive, respectful and safe cultures.

She has been engaged by organisations as diverse as the National Rugby League, Google, Network Ten, David Jones and the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

She is a highly sought-after public speaker and media commentator (print, radio and television), frequently appears on ABC and commercial networks and writes columns for major print publications. She is also the author of six books.

Adrian Phoon, (he/him) is Head of Content at GRC Solutions, where he works with in-house researchers, writers, designers and lawyers to develop regulatory compliance e-learning and face-to-face workshops.

He is a former Co-Chair of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and a current board member of Sydney WorldPride, an international LGBTQI+ event that will take place in 2023, celebrating diversity while shining a light on human rights issues across the Asia Pacific and the world.

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Diversity and Equality – New Zealand

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