Financial Crime Webinar: Sanctions, managing your responsibilities

To comply and to protect their reputation, businesses must have a clear understanding of managing sanctions and engaging with clients.

Sanctions are volatile and change with little or no notice.

As economic sanctions continue to feature in the news headlines, it becomes more and more important that businesses have a clear understanding of managing sanctions compliance and engaging with clients.

We will discuss

What you should know, what you should do and what you should have in place to be compliant.

In this free webinar, senior AML experts Rolf van der Pol and Pieter J Ris, will talk with GRC Solutions’ Head of Content, Adrian Phoon, about the importance of complying with these international obligations and why staff training is key to maintaining compliance and protecting your business’ international reputation.

Topics to be covered include

  • What do these areas of international AML/CTF obligations involve?
  • Why are they relevant?
  • Pain points
  • Current issues
  • Specifics for APAC

We will also focus on the role of targeted training as a key element in businesses meeting their compliance obligations and protecting themselves against criminals.

We are proud to collaborate with our friends at global international financial crime advisory firm, i-KYC to bring you this webinar

Our Speakers

Rolf van der Pol

Rolf is a senior AML expert.

He is director of leading international financial crime advisory firm, i-KYC, and Lysis Group, consulting and advisory.

Rolf focusses on creating and sustaining strategies, the application of technology and understanding and managing financial economic crime risks across the financial services, real estate, legal, accountancy, crypto, gambling and other regulated sectors.


Pieter J Ris

Pieter is owner and MD of leading international financial crime advisory firm, i-KYC.

i-KYC works with businesses to help them efficiently and effectively reconcile their business priorities with their financial crime compliance obligations. They work with organisations on Integrity training programmes to ensure that the training objectives matter to the participants’ daily activities and are aligned with the organisation’s business priorities.


Adrian Phoon

Adrian Phoon, (he/him) is Head of Content at GRC Solutions, where he works with in-house researchers, writers, designers and lawyers to develop regulatory compliance eLearning and face-to-face workshops.


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