Proliferation Financing Awareness Training

Course Description

Stakeholders in the financial sector need to understand Proliferation Financing and its consequences

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), including their means of delivery, is a significant threat to global security. Proliferation and its financing are quickly evolving as threat actors find innovative ways of disguising the funding using complex web structures.

This single-module course introduces staff to the concept of Proliferation Financing (PF) and then develops their understanding of how PF works, how it is developing, and the threat it poses to the world. It makes clear how PF differs from money laundering, and how financial services businesses in all countries can be exposed to the risk of having their systems misused to facilitate PF. It contains details on the problems posed by dual use goods.

The lesson provides practical tips and examples to assist in identifying transactions that should be subjected to closer examination. These practical examples empower employees to act in line with their legal and ethical obligations.

Who should do this training?

This course is suitable for customer-facing staff, their managers, and other operational staff who deal with financial transactions.

Download the course outline here

Specialized Financial Economic Crime Training

GRC Solutions is thrilled to collaborate with leading financial crime advisory firm, i-KYC, pairing their premium content library with our award-winning Salt Learning technologies to improve your approach to addressing Financial Economic Crime (FEC).

Course Outline

  • What is Proliferation Financing?
  • Why is the prevention and detection of Proliferation Financing important?
  • What is the Proliferation Financing process?
  • What are the high risk countries for Proliferation Financing?
  • Red flags