Incident Management

Course Description

This course explores what an incident is and how to address it, from building an incident management register, to collecting and interpreting data within it. Depending on what kind of incident has taken place, different types of registers can be used to record the event. This information can then form the basis for making a targeted response, in which incident-related issues are escalated to the relevant people at the appropriate time.

Who is this training for?

This course applies to anyone in the workplace – including compliance and risk managers, senior management or other employees – who may be in a position to observe, record or respond to incidents within their organisation.

Course Outline

Module 1 : Defining Incident Management

• The objectives of incident management process

• The types of registers

• How Incident Management fits into the overall risk management framework

Module 2 : Incident Management Inputs

• Building an incident management register

• Linking risk causes, risk events and controls to incidents

Module 3 : Incident Management Processes

• Collecting incident-related information

• Aggregating incident data to produce summary data

Module 4 : Incident Management Outputs

• The types of reports

• Notification and escalation emails

• Using reports and taking action