Ethical Decison Making

Course Description

“Every choice, every decision we make helps to shape the world, for good or for ill.”
Dr Simon Longstaff, St James Ethics Centre

Good decision making in action

Developed in conjunction with the St James Ethics Centre, the Business Ethics course gives employees an understanding of how ethics apply to the workplace and how they can contribute to a more pleasant and productive working environment. The course is delivered in a practical way – meaning it relates ethical considerations to day-to-day organisational roles. Students learn about processes and principles, and how they apply to a wide variety of workplace situations and scenarios; helping them develop their own process for good decision making and action.

Who should do this training?

This course is suitable for anyone who has contact with other people during the course of their everyday job – whether it is colleagues, clients, suppliers, staff, managers, etc. As with all Salt courses, the training is designed to cater for a diverse audience and all levels of staff; from mailroom staff right up to senior executives. Some of the modules – for example, “Ethics and good decision making” – explain the basics of ethics while other modules cater for those who need to have a deeper understanding on an organisational level such as managers.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Ethics and good decision making
  • Module 2: Workplace relationships
  • Module 3: Business relationships
  • Module 4: Ethical dealings with your organisations
  • Module 5: An ethical organisation (for managers)