Privacy Compliance Training Course

Course Description

Training on privacy and recognising and dealing with information security risks and threats and the importance of a privacy policy

Product Description

Privacy breaches make headlines all the time. But while everyone thinks they know what privacy is, understanding the importance of a privacy policy and how the laws apply to our work, clients and customers is another matter

Who is this training for?

This training is designed for staff at any level within an organisation that comes in contact with private information or could be at risk of breaching privacy laws, or who need to understand the importance of a privacy policy.

Course Outline

Module 1 : Introducing privacy

    •What is personal information?

    •Types of information collected

    •How to manage personal information

    •Information use and information disclosure

    •How to store, access and correct information

Module 2 : Management and collection

    •The importance of a privacy policy

    •Assessing individuals’ right to deal with entities anonymously or pseudonymously

    •Collecting solicited personal and sensitive information

    •Dealing with unsolicited personal information

    •Notifying individuals

Module 3 : Use and disclosure

    •Primary and secondary purposes of data collection

    •When you cannot perform direct marketing

    •Requirements under other laws, codes or practice and standards

    •Ensuring compliance with privacy law by overseas recipients

    •Adopting, using or disclosing government-related identifiers

Module 4 : Storage,access and correction

    •Quality of personal information requirements

    •Data breaches

    •De-identifying or destroying personal data

    •Dealing with requests for access to personal information

    •Correcting personal information