Code of Conduct Training

Course Description

What are the values and standards that every employee must comply with in the course of their work?

This one-module training course aims to cover the basic principles that commonly apply to codes of conduct, drawing on scenarios and engaging graphics to bring the topics to life.

From making ethical decisions at work based on respect, integrity and professionalism to exploring workplace health and safety standards, the protection of company property, the rules relating to gifts, benefits and conflicts of interest, and the handling of technology and personal information — this course highlights illegal and prohibited behaviours while identifying ways of working to which we can all aspire.

Who should do this training?

This training is suitable for all employees and job levels.


We specialise in quickly and economically customising our off-the-shelf courses to suit the requirements of individual businesses. We can produce a version of Code of Conduct Training that aligns with your specific policies and regulatory compliance obligations.


The course should take learners around 15 minutes to complete. It is also suitable to roll out as microlearning.

“A code of conduct embodies the values of an organisation.”

Course Outline

  • Define what a code of conduct is
  • Explain the standards for workplace behaviour, health and safety
  • Describe the obligations with respect to property and fraud
  • Highlight the rules in relation to gifts, benefits and conflicts of interest
  • Identify considerations for cybersecurity and personal information