Salt Online Compliance Training

Salt Web is our turn key a compliance training delivery platform for small, medium and large organisations. It allows you to deliver, manage and report on essential compliance training.


Software as a Service

Salt Web is a fully managed hosted solution which does not add any burden to your IT department. It is easy to deploy and can be implemented within four to six weeks. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure the system is working effectively and efficiently.

Real-time updates

Salt Web is regularly updated to reflect any legislative changes to training materials. Now you no longer need to worry about being on top of these changes. We complete all legal and editorial updates behind the scenes you don’t need to do anything.

Job-role specific

We understand that one size does not fit all. Our system is able to tailor deliver courses to specific job roles. We can even specify by module, which topics are required for different staff members, giving you ultimate flexibility in your system.

CPD points

Salt Web has been designed so that you can track Continuing Professional Development points as required by many professional and industry associations.

Accessible anywhere

The system is cloud based, meaning all you need is an internet connection and Your staff can access their online training course anytime and anywhere they need to!


Your Salt Web site can be branded with your corporate colours and logo, plus you can include a welcome message or video to introduce the compliance training.


Salt web will be tailored with just the topics you require, for your policies, procedures and industry you operate in.

Comprehensive reports

You can manage and monitor your organisation’s legal compliance activities with just a few clicks. The system provides comprehensive analytics ranging from individual reports to board-level summaries. Administrators can schedule reports reflecting employee course participation and completion. You will now also be able to demonstrate evidence of compliance within your organisation.

Salt Policy Builder

Use the Policy Builder feature to upload company policies directly onto the system, and electronically track that staff have read, accepted and acknowledged them. A great tool for demonstrating evidence of compliance, in case of a breach.


Staff members will receive automated reminders to complete their online compliance training course within the given time-frame specified by management.

AS3806 compliance standard

Salt web meets the requirements of the Australian Standard AS3806 for compliance programs, it also meets the requirements of the courts and regulators, making it not only an easy but effective management tool.

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