A series of Complimentary Courses from GRC Solutions

Working effectively from home is more than just making a cup of coffee and sitting down in front of the home computer.

Course 1 – The Home Office Environment

Businesses have an obligation to ensure staff are safe and healthy when working from home so it’s important that we get it right. GRC Solutions has prepared this training to help businesses with preparedness by sharing home-working best practices for physical requirements in order to:

  • keep healthy
  • remain safe
  • feel happy and comfortable

Course 2 – Mental Health and Wellbeing

We are all adjusting to a new and unusual way of life.  As we continue to navigate through these evolving situations, we have come up with some tips to try to help organisations empower staff during these uncertain times.

We all have a role to play in supporting each other’s and our own mental health and wellbeing while working from home, by:

  • staying connected
  • dealing with anxiety
  • maintaining a proper work/life balance under new and challenging circumstances

Course 3 – Cyber Security

With so many of us working remotely, there are important issues to consider about keeping our data and technology safe, and practising good cyber hygiene. This short course looks at:

  • some examples of WFH cyber security breaches
  • computer security
  • the responsibility for keeping client data secure and private
  • ways to protect against phishing scams

The course has been developed by our eLearning team to help staff to maintain security in the unfamiliar circumstances of Working from Home.

Course 4 – Effective Communication

When communication breaks down in any forum it can be frustrating – even more so when we’re working remotely. In this course, we offer a few practical tips on the importance of and best practices for effective communication while working from home:

  • The importance of keeping in touch
  • Choosing the best communication channel
  • Social protocols in different communication situations
  • Recognising and responding to people’s different communication styles
  • The importance of patience and understanding when things go wrong

The course has been developed by our eLearning team to help staff navigate the unfamiliar communications challenges that arise when working from home.


Recent neuroscience research indicates that our brains are hardwired to be alert for new stimuli. For this reason, we get distracted multiple times per second. In this course we offer practical tips for maintaining productivity while working at home:

  • Setting routines and habits
  • Goal setting and task management
  • Self motivation and having realistic expectations
  • The importance of taking breaks and knowing when to stop

The course has been developed by our e-learning team to help staff deal with the particular productivity challenges that arise when working from home.

Course 6: Working from Home for Managers

Effective management of workers who have recently transitioned to working from home, or who are thinking of transitioning back to the office, requires strong processes, clear communication and solid support to keep them motivated and able to do their best work individually and with each other.

We offer a few considerations to keep in mind as you help manage your team through these changes, including:

  • Ensuring that communication works, and respecting different communication practices
  • Management styles: resisting the temptation to micromanage, giving credit, listening actively
  • Self-care and self-motivation
  • Leadership authenticity

The course has been developed by our e-learning team to help managers deal with the unfamiliar challenges that arise when m

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