PolicyHub 4 released

GRC Solutions is pleased to announce the release of PolicyHub 4, Hitec’s award winning Policy Management Solution.

PolicyHub is designed to manage the entire policy lifecycle from creation, review, approval, publishing and distribution management, attestation to reporting with full audit trails.

PolicyHub 4 comes with a refreshed user interface for an improved (UX) User Experience as well as other performance enhancements.


Key developments:

  • Full administration access from anywhere in the world via a web browser
  • Refreshed user interface with improved user experience
  • Tests & Questionnaires comprehensively redesigned
  • Single Sign On through-out including SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Efficiency improvements

Jeremy Crame, Hitec CEO, comments:
“At an important time when firms are required to meet increasing regulatory obligations Hitec are continuing to make enhancements across all product and service lines. PolicyHub 4 brings improved efficiencies to your Policy Management workflows enabling you to increase performance and keep on top of your GRC programmes.”

GRC Solutions is a reseller of Hitec’s PolicyHub solution within the Asia Pacific region. We have recently integrated PolicyHub with a complete risk management software to bring you GRCHub for all your governance, risk and compliance needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a demo of either or both of these products.

Streamlining policy management by Michael Rasmussen


Streamlining policy management  

Michael Rasmussen is the Chief of GRC 20/20 Research and is an internationally recognised pundit on governance, risk management and compliance.

He has specific expertise on the topics of enterprise GRC strategy, process and technology, having analysed several policy management systems.

Known as the “father of GRC”, he has written this whitepaper to advise organisations on how to better streamline their policy management systems.


Policies set the standard for acceptable and unacceptable conduct by defining boundaries for the behavior.

When an organisation fails to establish and enforce policies, the organisation quickly becomes something it never intended.

Policies matter; however, when you look at how many organisations manage policies you would think policies are irrelevant and a nuisance.

Policies must be well managed and operational so that they are both effective and efficient tools to help the organisation stay on the path it chooses.

Business requires a policy management platform that delivers the right features, is flexible, context-driven, and adaptable to a dynamic and changing environment.

The perfect solution should be easy to use for policy managers, authors, and most importantly the policy readers.

Please complete the form to download the whitepaper

Policy management survey conducted across Asia-Pacific reveals alarming results!

Last week we asked you, our Asia-Pacific readers, how your organisation manages policies to ensure compliance with complex legal regulations.

The results revealed an alarming 62% of organisations do not have an effective policy management system and do not track how many employees read and understand their policies.

Of those, almost 50% are organisations employing over 1000 staff leaving them severely exposed to non-compliance risks and hefty fines.

Here are three quick facts your organisation must take into consideration:

  1. Organisations without an effective policy management system will be penalised in the case of an audit.
  2. Policy management consumes time and resources. When it becomes the last priority, compliance and reporting is almost impossible.
  3. All policies should be managed and tracked from one platform to ensure compliance and reporting accuracy.

Check out more results in our infograph below or click here to download a pdf version.


View a video demo of our policy management system, PolicyHub below.


Policy management: Did you know?

Did you know a recent FCA investigation into the controls around money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction risks, uncovered the fact that half of those organisations surveyed had gaps in their policies and procedures?

Are your workplace policies clearly communicated to your employees and most importantly do your employees understand them?

Complete our short policy management survey and we will reveal the stats on policy management across the Asia-Pacific in our next email.