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Singapore Financial Services Compliance Essentials

Do you need to train your financial services employees in risk and compliance?

Our Financial Services Compliance Essentials eLearning package is designed to provide employees with an understanding of core risk and compliance concepts. This eLearning package will:

Choose from any four or all five courses below:

Did you know?

“An estimated $200 billion is laundered in the Asia-Pacific region alone every year. The number of potential breaches continues to grow – so do the penalties imposed for failure to comply with the laws.”

Anti-Money Laundering

We explain how to adopt an Anti-Money Laundering program, conduct Know-Your-Customer procedures and to provide reports to the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Personal Data Protection Act

Learn about the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) a Singaporean law that sets out the rules for handling personal data.

Fraud awareness

This course explains fraud awareness in simple and understandable terms.

Introduction to risk management

This course introduces the concept and nature of risk as it relates to a range of organisations using a variety of concepts to aid topic understanding.

Training Funding Available in Singapore

We are a registered with IBF Singapore to provide training under the Financial Training Scheme.

What is the training incentives scheme?

The IBF Standards Training Scheme (“IBF-STS”) and Financial Training Scheme (“FTS”) are training incentive schemes supported by the Financial Sector Development Fund (“FSDF”), targeted at promoting financial sector training.

The IBF-STS supports programmes accredited under the IBF standards, while the FTS supports financial sector-specific programmes that are recognised under FTS.

IBF is the Funding Administrator for both the Financial Training Scheme (“FTS”) and the IBF Standards Training Scheme (“IBF-STS”).

Find out more about the training incentives scheme on the IBF Singapore website

What funding is available?

Receive up to 90% of the direct training costs depending on eligibility.

Who is eligible to apply for the IBF-FTS Funding?

The apply for funding you must:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Reside in Singapore
  • Complete training as part of a company sponsored program
  • Complete recognised FTS programme.
  • Your job role must be involved in or supporting financial sector activities

What courses are eligible for the funding?

The following courses are available for IBF-FTS Funding:

Anti Money Laundering

Program Scheme FTS, FA CPD

We explain how to adopt an Anti-Money Laundering program, conduct Know-Your-Customer procedures and to provide reports to the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Singapore CACS CPD Training

A new approach to continuing professional development

As of 1 March 2013, Covered Persons under the Private Banking Code of Conduct are expected to fulfil annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements after passing the Client Advisor Competency Standards (CACS) Assessment. The CACS CPD requirements ensure that Covered Entities and Covered Persons provide financial advisory services to HNWIs with integrity, professionalism and a requisite level of competence and knowledge.

It is required that a minimum of 4 of the 15 mandatory CPD hours are allocated to Rules & Regulations, Compliance or Ethics.

GRC Solutions, a leading institution in Governance, Risk & Compliance training, offers a bundle learning module of 15 classroom hours to fulfil the CACS CPD for private bankers and wealth advisors. Our courses are up to date and legal accuracy is constantly maintained. We aim not only to train, but to change the compliance culture within your organisation.

Cybercrime and Digital Risk