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Salt Adaptive eLearning Content Management System

Salt Adaptive is our powerful learning content management system (LCMS) developed to allow organisations to build, deploy, maintain and track their eLearning. The platform has been designed to be simple to use for non-technical authors and enables online collaboration amongst subject matter experts. Deployment can be direct to users or through your existing Learning Management System (LMS). Once deployed all updates flow through automatically, ensuring that no content is out of date.

Salt Adaptive enables effective, fast creation of courses that provide a consistent, adaptive learning experience across all platforms and devices, generate advanced analytics, and are easily maintainable, even in multiple languages. The platform is mobile enabled, video and other media can be easily added, and incorporates text to speech functionality.

Salt Adaptive works with your existing learning management system (LMS) by using SCORM protocols to seamlessly connect. Content built in the system can be maintained for ongoing accuracy and updates flow through to users automatically. Salt Adaptive can be used to build any type of eLearning within your organisation, not just compliance training.

Salt Adaptive has been developed with compliance in mind, it outperforms traditional eLearning software in rapid development and content maintenance, end-user learning experience, data security, evaluation & data analytics. The inbuilt reporting functionality is designed to give compliance teams access to deep data analytics ensuring that they are aware of systemic issues in their organisation and allowing for remedial attention to these areas. Fast content deployment, version control, and author logs are all tracked in the system and enhance any reporting currently sourced from the LMS.



Short iteration Cycles and Time to Delivery

To build a course, you shouldn’t have to keep emailing files or storyboards back and forth between everyone for months. We build courses by prototyping in real time. We develop a first draft, have you try it out, and then rapidly iterate on structure, content, assessments, adaptivity, and style. This makes the process faster and easier for you.

Salt Adaptive has a unique light editing interface, which allows you to view the course as one long page, make any changes and then immediately publish the course. The latest version of the course is always available in the dashboard, incorporating any edits by you and us.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Changing a few words in a course shouldn’t take a week and cost a fortune. We do it in a few hours, for free. Similarly, managing multiple language versions shouldn’t be a full-time job in itself. Once we’ve imported agency translations, your internal reviewers can use the multi-language version of our light-editing interface to compare the courses side-by-side and make changes on the spot.

Simple Deployment – Just Upload Our Course To Your LMS

Salt Compliance courses are SCORM compatible. To add the course to your LMS, simply download a SCORM wrapper from the dashboard to enable your learners to access the course on our platform. No special integration is required.


Reduce Staff Training Time

Mandatory compliance training has become a huge annual burden for many organisations. Salt Adaptive can save companies tens of thousands of hours of staff time by trimming courses and only training employees in the areas they need to know. Salt Adaptive completes a pre-test and identifies the learners knowledge gaps, it then adapts training to the individual employee.

Learners Like Salt Compliance Courses More

E-learning is unpopular because the learning experience is often poor: linear, old-fashioned, and gimicky. Our courses have modern flat design and are adaptive, so staff are only trained on what they don’t already know

Salt Compliance Courses Are More Effective

Companies have seen an increase engagement and reduction in push back from staff by using Salt Adaptive for their online training. Employees enjoy our courses, pay more attention and learn more. Adaptive learning also ensures that problematic areas are reviewed more than once increasing staff retention.

Salt Compliance Courses Work On Any Device

Start a course at your desk and continue on your tablet or smartphone on a train? Picking up exactly where you left off? Absolutely. Salt Compliance courses work on all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, smartphone) and platforms (web, iOS, Android).


Understand More About Your Learners Than Ever Before

After rolling out a Salt Compliance course, you can analyse an unparalleled range of data points that explain how your staff learnt the content and performed on assessments. Find out what grabs their attention, the questions they struggled with, and compare those patterns across your company.

Use Visualisations To Discover Key Insights

A sophisticated set of analytics and visualisation tools enables you to track participation and completion rates directly on the dashboard. These tools will help you to analyse and understand the data in a way that’s both effective and easy to use.

Calculate Accurate ROI and Improve Budget Allocation

How can you calculate ROI on e-learning if the only data point you get is whether people took the course or not? We agree, you can’t. That’s why we provide a range of statistics that help you identify the courses that are working and discover why.


Resilient Against SCORM Attacks

The Salt Compliance platform is built in a way to prevent hacking, it does not allow users to skip training but report completion in their LMS, which is vital if training is required as part of the legal obligations for your business.

Salt Compliance Learner Logs for Reliable Training Evidence

Instead of using exclusively client-side reported learning data (e.g. SCORM) which can be easily faked, Salt Compliance LearnerLogs rely on our server-side architecture to collect, assess, and store learner actions and responses. The LearnerLogs provide detailed timestamped history of the learners progress through the training program, providing an audit trail of reliable evidence of completion.

This means that during regulatory audits or legal investigations, instead of saying “John Smith (probably) completed the training on 5 May 2014″, the compliance team can pick any employee, any course and just “replay” that particular person’s training to the regulators, second by second, based on data that is actually reliable.

The following screenshot shows what a typical LearnerLog looks like — it is effectively a feed that describes how someone completed the course, from switching between slides to answering each question and reviewing hints.


The following vendors have integrated successfully with Salt Adaptive:

Do you have another LMS not listed? It will most likely work with Salt Adaptive, contact us for further details.

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