Managed Services

Do you need a compliance training program but just don’t have the time or resources to manage it in house?

GRC Solutions offers a fully managed compliance training service. Our team of professional client service managers will implement your compliance training program from start to finish and continue to undertake full administration and technical support throughout the duration of the program.

Why burden your staff with increasing obligations when we can take care of it for you? We will operate your Salt Compliance training program as if it were just another part of your business, ensuring it runs smoothly and at its maximum potential at all times.

Benefits of a managed compliance training service

  • cost saving

    Outsourcing training saves you time, money and resources,

  • training implemented and managed efficiently

    Your training program will be implemented and managed efficiently, despite any other projects or changes within your business.

  • Staff stay focused on job

    No need to use your highly qualified legal, compliance and human resources staff to manage training, they can continue with their day to day operations.

  • Our Expert team

    Leverage the knowledge of our experienced team, who have supported thousands of users across the Asia Pacific region