Salt Online Compliance Training

eLearning Compliance Courses

We are leaders in online compliance training, with a strong focus on the financial services and banking industries.

Our off the shelf training is available for any organisation operating in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It can also be adapted for other international jurisdictions, including translation into other languages. Our courses are suitable for all levels of staff within an organsation. Our team of compliance and education experts carefully develop courses to ensure we deliver the latest industry information and a valuable online learning experience.

Benefits of our eLearning

  • Extensive range of courses

    Off the shelf courses, ready for immediate delivery

  • Topics

    Topics include corporate governance, risk, corruption, contracts, compliance and more

  • Range of Industries

    We work with ALL industries, if you need compliance, we are the compliance experts

  • Various Jurisdictions

    Our training has been adapted to meet the requirements in various jurisdictions, including Singapore, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA

  • Short courses and module based

    Our training is divided into modules of 10-20 minutes each, keeping learners focused and enabling them to complete only the parts necessary for their job role.

How to buy

If you are an individual or a business with less than 20 employees, the most cost effective way to purchase your training is via our online store.

If you are a business with more than 20 employees, we recommend a subscription package for your compliance training. You will have full control over your online training, with the ability to register multiple staff into various courses. Contact us to request a quote.

We can customise any of our courses to include policies or procedures from your business. We can even develop an entire new course for you. Click here for more information.