Consulting – What We Do

Our consultants help organisations create, review and implement an effective risk and compliance strategy. We offer advice in the following areas:

Risk and compliance programs

  • Identify a company’s risk and compliance profile
  • Establish a risk and compliance framework
  • Review a compliance program against industry standards
  • Monitor risk exposure and review/refine performance

Facilitated workshops and blended learning

  • Develop and deliver workshops based on legal standards and policies
  • Establish company-wide learning programs
  • Develop or customise e-learning
  • Specialty areas: Diversity and Equality, AML, Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Policy development and review

  • Review current policy suite, identify gaps and build consistency
  • Provide evaluation of best practice based on risk appetite
  • Drafting of policies and codes of conduct
  • Provide framework for consistency of further development

Anti-Money Laundering program review

  • Assess the organisation’s corruption risk-profile
  • Provide independent program review
  • Assist to develop anti-fraud strategy, integrated corruption prevention and control framework
  • Define steps needed to raise ethical standards, improve integrity and compliance culture

Conduct risk reviews

  • Assess organisational conduct risk
  • Identify conflicts between policy and culture
  • Develop recommendations to improve cultural resilience