GRC Solutions is a recognised leader in the online compliance training market. As a specialist compliance eLearning publisher, we know what works in compliance training and can assist your organisation in reducing mandatory training hours, minimising push back from employees and improving training outcomes.

We publish a broad range of legal compliance, risk management and ethics training courses and have offices in New York, Singapore and across Australia to support an expanding number of jurisdictions around the world. We specialise in adaptive eLearning for compliance, improving speed to competency and reducing mandatory training hours.

With our award winning Compliance Learning Management System, Salt® Web, and our adaptive Learning Content Management System, Salt® Compliance, we help hundreds of companies navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and build resilient organisational cultures.

Our training courses can be taken off-the-shelf or tailored for any industry. We also build custom courses to suit client’s internal policies & procedures. We currently work with clients in finance services, pharmaceuticals, construction, mining, oil, and healthcare industries as well as not-for-profit organisations and government bodies.

“We are proud to work with a range of fantastic clients and our team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Our clients receive ongoing support, regular legal and technical updates, and we are always ready to answer your questions.”


At GRC Solutions, we recognise that it is important to:

  • Keep reasonable demands on employees’ time. Compliance training requirements are high and continue to rise.
  • Manage employees’ perception of compliance training. Staff are liable to view mandatory training on the same content year in, year out as a box-ticking exercise that doesn’t take into account their knowledge and experience.
  • Update courses to stay consistent with latest regulations. Regulations are changing all the time. This makes it harder to deliver high-quality courses at a reasonable cost.
  • Identify problematic areas and pro-actively mitigate risks. Most organisations lack tools that would allow them to capture and turn relevant learning data into useful information.
  • Demonstrate compliance to regulators and shareholders. Given recent compliance issues in several industries, the relevant stakeholders continue raising their expectations on compliance training programs.

Our philosophy revolves around speed to competence. For us, that means helping time-poor learners achieve competence in the shortest amount of time possible while still ensuring that the training content remains legally comprehensive.

We promote speed to competence in a couple of ways:

 Module AllocationOur courses are modular. They are broken down into 20-minute components, each containing a series of clear learning outcomes. Employees are assigned modules of a course based on a risk profile of their job role. The lower the risk, the less training they should need to do.
Adaptive LearningAdaptive learning is perfect for organisations that need to complete annual certification or all staff. Employees are assessed on their current knowledge and then only trained on where they have gaps in that knowledge. This reduces training time and reduces pushback from employees.By determining from the outset which areas learners already possess competence in, adaptive learning focuses solely on key areas for improvement.

What we offer is more than just e-learning. We provide specialised risk and compliance training that takes into account the specific challenges and obligations posed by the law.

We make complex risk and compliance concepts accessible through plain language and clean, sharp designs that supplement the content without distracting learners from the serious nature of the topics or adding to the amount of time it takes to complete the training.

Our training is:

  • Professional We provide training for an educated workforce. It is designed to engage and interest them in a professional manner. Our training is not childish or condescending.
  • Focused on essential compliance, risk and ethics topics Our content is developed by an experienced team of adult educators who understand what is required to promote a positive, accessible message about compliance in your organisation.
  • Written by adult education and training experts Our team includes experts in compliance, risk and ethics. We have deep and practical expertise in developing content in these areas. We can also call on our expertise panel where further domain knowledge is required.

This rigour extends to how we maintain courses and support our clients with analytics and reporting.

Course MaintenanceWe monitor relevant legislation and maintain the legal accuracy of your courses. We assist our clients with the development of customised eLearning materials and can advise on wider compliance frameworks.
Detailed AnalyticsCompliance requires the ability to drill down into training results, look for systemic issues and quickly mitigate compliance risk.  Our courses and systems provide the ability to gain the necessary insights into the effectiveness of your compliance training program.
Comprehensive Reporting Our platforms have been built specifically to manage compliance. Front end reports can be run on individuals, groups, jurisdictions or the whole organisation. All historical data is maintained and custom reporting can be easily developed, ensuring you can provide stakeholders and regulators with detailed and accurate information in a timely fashion.

Client Services

The team at GRC Solutions is always on hand to assist. Whether clients have a technical or a content-related question, our team strives to resolve issues professionally and in the shortest possible time.


GRC Solutions is an acknowledged international leader in the use of technology and has received numerous Australian and international awards over many years. GRC Solutions have been the winner of Best Compliance Training Program category at the LearnX Asia Pacific eLearning and Training Awards for several years. These awards recognise GRC Solutions’ commitment to continue to develop new and innovative ways to leverage technology in delivering quality legal training and development programs for clients.